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From there, the process of becoming a proper Inhuman with superpower will begin, and it all starts when a protective cocoon forms around you. It may not sound like much of a superpower, but in fact, cocooning is the power that sets off all the other powers one may gain as an inhuman. While the duration of ones cocoon can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, once in the stone-like cocoon an Inhuman will start to morph into something greater than whatever they entered as. Superpowers grow and an Inhuman can take new on new shapes and sizes inside a cocoon. From there, they emerge with unique powers that are impossible to predict and often vary greatly from one Inhuman to the next. 14. Terrigenesis Terrigenesis that is, the process of becoming a superpowered Inhuman is often a frightening and sometimes life-threatening affair. While many emerge from the process with powers, it was originally conducted on the Inhumans as a risky experiment, and thus undesired side effects such as physical deformities and genetic defects took hold as a result. On the Inhumans original planet of Attilan, terrigenesis was also what determined your place in society, as rankings were given out based on what powers the Terrigen Mist gave out.

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