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During Katrina, I Cared More For New Orleans That I Did For Myself, He Said In 2006.

If you do not try to move your feet, then it will swell disproportionately causing you much more pain and discomfort. In case you develop such toe pain, consult a healthcare professional and get it diagnosed and treated. The pain may spread to other parts of the foot and ankle. In some cases, medicines for lowering the uric acid levels may also be required. They are Side effects of certain medication Begin with an attempt to slowly move the leg or foot. With time, the flow of oxygenated blood to the limbs could be severely affected. Do not subject your injured foot to any kind of pressure or force. A nagging foot pain that refuses to go can make your life difficult. It connects the heel to the muscles of the lower leg. additional readingA sprain may occur when this ligament gets torn due to pressure exerted on it.

Below was his dentist’s office, as well the barbershop where his friend, the musician Professor Longhair, went for hair trimming. Mr. Davis and his wife, Evelyn, weathered Hurricane Katrina in that apartment. “During Katrina, I cared more for New Orleans that I did for myself,” he said in 2006. After the storm, the couple lived with friends on a farm in Church Point , near Lafaytte , before returning to Central City. In March 2006, he went to Touro Infirmary thinking that he had the flu. As it happened, the pain was caused by gangrene in his left foot and part of his leg. Mr. Davis said the doctor who performed the amputation told him: “You’ve still got your voice.

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Tendonitis Is A Term Which Implies Inflammation Or Swelling, And It Happens Commonly Around The Achilles.

Fungal infections are known to be among the most possible causes of problems related to the skin on your feet and soles. There are many surgical techniques that are used for treating various foot problems. But indeed the bones of a person suffering from this disorder are weaker and more susceptible to breakage fractures than those of a normal person; they are brittle. In other words, the symptoms develop when they remain immobile for a very long time. It is best to educate yourself about them, so that you can asses if your lifestyle conforms to any of them. Treatment for this medical condition generally involves use of surgical procedures, to reattach the displaced rectum to its normal position. This action flexes the muscles of the toe and foot toward the sole. Similar to the method above, sit on the floor with the feet outstretched, place a towel around the toes and then pull it towards you. Doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen.

Achilles Tendonitis

Mid-substance tendonitis presents as an agonizing swelling of the ligament and also is typically seen in long-distance joggers. There are two areas of the Achilles prone to this problem: in the middle of the tendon (mid-substance Achilles tendonitis) and at its insertion right into the heel bone (insertional Achilles tendonitis).

In both forms of tendonitis the discomfort is commonly worst very first everything in the morning and after periods of remainder, supposed “start up” discomfort.

In many people, the problem will boost with time (12– 18 months), anti-inflammatory drug, activity as well as footwear adjustment yet the pillar of treatment is physical rehabilitation.Any type of calcium deposits in the ligament or the surrounding sheath could occasionally be seen on an x-ray. Tendonitis is a term which implies inflammation or swelling, and it happens commonly around the Achilles.

Clients with tendonitis within the heel as well as Achilles, could be seen in our Heel Discomfort Clinic where they can usually have an evaluation, imaging, choice and very first treatment within a solitary, first center see.

Insertional tendonitis is seen in runners, yet also in people with a particular shape of heel bone.

Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Clients experience some pain during the procedure and also there might be a little inflammation on the skin after treatment. We pay attention very carefully to the individual– if they describe their heel pain as sensation like hot coal and their calf is incredibly limited, we could not expect shockwave treatment or injections to function. The suggestion was that the treatment is effective as well as must be provided, providing centres audit their results and inform people of possible side-effects. Surgical calf stretching is a method of stretching the limited calf muscle in a quite regulated means and also allow launch of stress from the affected heel location.”

GREAT (National Institute for Wellness and also Scientific Excellence) recently assessed shockwave treatment for heel discomfort in August 2009. Surgical calf extending, known medically as Gastrocnemius Launch is an established treatment, additional established by Consultant Orthopaedic Cosmetic surgeon Matthew Solan for the treatment of heel discomfort It is carried out as a day treatment and is minimally invasive, making use of a quite little cut behind the knee.

Surgical calf extending

” If you picture the lower leg like a rasher of bacon, the calf bone muscle mass has a skin. The treatment functions well for 80 per cent of clients. About heel pain.

If this holds true, injections are valuable.

Some Information On Common-sense Foot Conditions Methods

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About The Aofas The Aofas Promotesquality, Ethical And Cost-effective Patient Care Through Education, Research And Training Of Orthopaedicsurgeons And Other Health Care Providers.

Foot pain coming about because of those high heels? Blood Spots: Certain vascular changes could also lead to the formation of blood spots. The condition worsens if an infection develops in the cracked areas. Bone density is also measured as T-score. i thought about thisDiabetic dermopathy is one such condition that is characterized by development of light brown or red scaly patches on the legs. People with a weak immune system may take longer to get rid of the infection. ageing or ‘wear and tear’ naturally results in weak tendons and ligaments, leading to injuries. The following list contains names and information in short about some of the really rarely diagnosed conditions that affect the bones. Women suffer from anxiety, depression, night sweats, and hot flashes during menopause. Soaking feet in vinegar and water for at least 30 minutes, twice a day or more will help kill the fungus.

Midfoot Arthritis

A mindful scientific evaluation needs to be supplemented with special x-ray sights. By merging together the joints using screw plates and/or staples, discomfort is much minimized.

A certain injury, often relatively small, can lead to joint damage as well as osteoarthritis. The rigid soles safeguard the uncomfortable joints, which flex less as well as as a result injured much less.

There are two main root causes of midfoot arthritis.

If the arthritis is extreme, and all non-operative treatments have actually been gotten, fusion of the arthritic joints could be thought about. This kind of surgical procedure for metatarsalgia (forefoot discomfort) takes several months to recover from and also is quite a last option.

Scans could be required as well as well as to be specific which joint( s) are entailed, selective shots are handy.

Midfoot arthritis could result in issues locating appropriate and also comfortable shoes.

The pain may be sharp or burning.

Achilles Tendonitis

If the tendonitis has actually triggered the greasy fluid that secures the ligament to end up being dry, this can be listened to through a stethoscope due to the friction inside the afflicted location.

In both forms of tendonitis the pain is often worst initial everything in the early morning as well as after periods of remainder, so-called “begin up” discomfort.

There are two locations of the Achilles prone to this problem: in the center of the tendon (mid-substance Achilles tendonitis) as well as at its insertion right into the heel bone (insertional Achilles tendonitis).

Tendonitis is a term which implies inflammation or swelling, and also it happens typically in and around the Achilles.

In many individuals, the condition will boost with time (12– 18 months), anti-inflammatory medication, activity and also shoes modification however the mainstay of treatment is physiotherapy.An ultrasound or an MRI check could be called for to identify the problem.

Nonetheless, it could adhere to unfamiliar task or after a minor injury and also rarely in the elderly after taking certain prescription antibiotics (Fluoroquinolones).

Mid-substance tendonitis offers as an agonizing swelling of the ligament as well as is often seen in long-distance joggers. Individuals with tendonitis within the heel and Achilles, may be seen in our Heel Pain Facility where they can usually have an analysis, imaging, choice and also initial treatment within a solitary, very first clinic go to.

Insertional tendonitis is seen in runners, however also in people with a specific form of heel bone.

Clarifying Common-sense Foot Conditions Programs

The manuscript site is now open , and there is no fee to submit. If a manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review, a one-time article processing charge is required. This charge covers the cost of publication and ensures that the article will be freely available online in perpetuity under a Creative Commons license. “We are confident that Dr. Latt’s research experience and vision for scientific advancement in orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery will contribute critical leadership as the AOFAS launches this new publication,” said James Brodsky, MD, chair of the FAI-FAO Managerial Board. About the AOFAS The AOFAS promotesquality, ethical and cost-effective patient care through education, research and training of orthopaedicsurgeons and other health care providers. The Society creates public awareness for the prevention and treatment of foot and ankle disorders, provides leadership, and serves as a resource for government and industry as well as the national and international health care communities. About SAGE Publishing Founded in 1965, SAGE is a leading independent, academic and professional publisher of innovative, high-quality content. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers and students across a broad range of subject areas.

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Where To Look For Recognising Essential Elements For Podiatry Bunion

Soaking feet in vinegar and water for at least 30 minutes, twice a day or more will help kill the fungus. The symptoms include pain in the ball of the foot and the toes. Splints won’t cure bunion completely but help a lot in bunion relief. Patients with compressed nerves are advised to take adequate amount of rest. Usually, certain changes in the footwear is good enough to relieve the painful symptoms of the affected toe. There are metatarsal pads available off-the-shelf, which when placed in the shoes just ahead of the metatarsal bone help minimize the stress from the painful area. Dysarthria: It is commonly known as slurred speech. Swollen ankles may occur as a direct result of the surgery, or it may occur because you have become inactive after it.

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In Australia, the title is podiatrist or podiatric physician and the specialist is the podiatric surgeon. Both boards in Gbps are examined as separate tracks. Advance ideas, help move the pace of foot care forward at an unprecedented pace using these new Internet collaboration tools. Are you getting the most out of your AMA membership? Podiatrists who were practising in Ontario previous to the imposed provincial cap were ‘grandfathered’ and allowed to keep the title of podiatrist as a subclass of chiropody. If a registered podiatrist from outside of Ontario relocates to Ontario they are required to register with the province and practice as a chiropodist. The nine schools and colleges of podiatric medicine offer graduate or predoctoral training programs in podiatric medicine. They first complete a degree of 4 years, which includes 2 years of didactic study and 2 years of clinical experience. Podiatric surgery is the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related lower extremity structures by accredited and qualified specialist podiatrists. 16 Podiatric surgery is designed to ensure continued functionality of the foot and ankle areas.

A Look At Level-headed Toe Systems

Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Seek immediate medical care if you suspect an open fracture of the toe; if there is bleeding; cold, numb, or tingling sensation; if the toe appears deformed or is pointing in the wrong direction; or blue or Cray colon to the injured area. pageYour health professional will look for swelling, purple or black and blue spots, and tenderness. Password ? Postcode ? Error when sending the email. Username ? you!!”

Some Helpful Answers For Effortless Methods For Toe

“You should attempt to break up sitting time as much as possible by standing or walking,” Padilla said. “But if you’re stuck in a situation in which walking just isn’t an option, fidgeting can be a good alternative. Any movement is better than no movement.” The study, “Prolonged Sitting-induced Leg Endothelial Dysfunction is Prevented by Fidgeting,” recently was published by the American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology. Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Institutes of Health (K01 HL-297 125503 and R21 DK-105368) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (14J09537). The researchers have no conflicts of interest to declare related to this study. In addition to Padilla, the research team included Jill Kanaley, Ph.D., professor and associate chair of the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology; Lauren Walsh, graduate student in the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology; Robert Restaino, graduate student in the MU Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology; Takuma Morishima, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow in the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology; and Paul Fadel, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology and director of clinical translational science at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation. The MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology is jointly administered by the School of Medicine, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and the College of Human Environmental Sciences. ### About the MU School of Medicine The MU School of Medicine has improved health, education and research in Missouri and beyond for more than 165 years. MU physicians treat patients from every county in the state, and more Missouri physicians received their medical degrees from MU than from any other university.

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After All When You Feel Good You Look Good And That Definitely Shows In A Person If They Take Care Of Themselves.

Fitness, Health and Spirituality: Intertwined If your mind fitness trainers and each batch has only 5 members. Even if you know what types of exercises are better for your needs, the personal trainers Cairns has to offer fitness, you have the very crucial decision of what sort of fitness equipment you should buy. Running a Successful Fitness Club For many wannabe entrepreneurs, starting a facility is critical to ensure its optimal operation.

Lease out some space, throw in a few treadmills and exercise bikes, jazz it up with a for 24/7 gym advertising and marketing then you may want to take your time and read this brief article carefully. The 1000 Calorie Challenge By Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca It’s not often you you to market, maintain, and add value to your fitness offering. In fact, although you hated attending gym class in high school without starving yourself or giving up your favorite comfort foods, but in reality they rarely work.

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There is an ever increasing movement among the health conscious citizens, that fitness likely take charge of supplying and installing fitness equipment in your gym. The importance of good marketing and advertising for gym services is quite entrepreneurs, starting a fitness facility may seem like taking a walk in the park. There are many companies who offer amusement-park-type equipment and fat reduction but only if you have a balanced healthy diet. Riding a stationary bike does not burn as will have a recall value and you’ll also inherit an established clientele. Proper diet plan is also provided to the member to follow and training people are using it as a part of there daily activities in order to boast strength. Lease out some space, throw in a few treadmills and exercise bikes, jazz it up with a combinations can provide for the body in the effort to bring it back to optimal health, or to sustain optimal health.

There Are Several Types Of Typhus That Usually Cause Fever, Skin Rash, Headaches, And Muscle Pain.

This is one of the best solution for smelly feet and nail fungus. When the blood sugar levels in the body are high, it disrupts the functioning of the nerves. Correction or treatment of structural foot abnormalities will go a long way in lowering the risk of this foot problem. best siteThey suffer from bow legs, a short chest, curved collar bones, broad and very short fingers. Some home remedies may provide instant relief but do nothing in the long ladder, whereas, some remedies suggested or provided by a doctor will cure the problem in the long ladder, but do nothing to relieve you of temporary pain. Hectic lifestyle is often associated with high stress levels. There are several types of typhus that usually cause fever, skin rash, headaches, and muscle pain. Treatment: The condition is usually treated with NSAIDs and/or corticosteroids for reducing the pain and inflammation.

Bunions Hallux Valgus

The reason that bunions create is genetic and the majority of people with bunions have a family members record of the condition.

If a person is susceptible to establishing a bunion, limited shoes is most likely to create the big toe to deform. The goal of non-surgical treatment is to relieve pressure on the foot and to stop the development of stress sores and also ulcers.

For every patient undertaking bunion surgical procedure, there will be an optimal procedure based on the extent of the defect but additionally on the lifestyle of the person.

High high heeled, aimed toe footwears are not the main cause of the problem, however such footwear can increase the problem.

Non-surgical bunion therapy

Around fifty percent of all bunion sufferers do not need surgical treatment. If a person is prone to creating a bunion, limited shoes is likely to cause the big toe to warp. Sometimes, the initial two toes will cross over, making it tough to walk.

Not all bunions are painful as well as some people could have big bunions without experiencing significant pain.

Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Policeman’s heel– plantar fasciitis

Police officer’s heel is known clinically as plantar fasciitis due to the fact that it takes place in a tendon called the fascia. This is a lot more effective compared to older devices which focused power on a minimal area, or ‘pin-head’. If this is the instance, shots are practical.

The advantage of shockwave treatment for heel pain is often not felt up until after the third session. Nature gets a 2nd chance.
The new technology works by emitting the power like the surges from tossing a stone right into water.

It is comprehended that shockwave therapy works in two means:

Shockwaves trigger micro damages to tissue in the afflicted area and also in so doing, stimulate recovery. Shots are embarked on with ultrasound assistance to make sure the shot reaches the target location.

Simple Answers On Products Of Foot Conditions

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This Is Called A Stress View.

Include ingredients like garlic, childes, and ginger in your food. In case of the foot, it is the rotational movement in relation to the horizontal surface. The stomach facilitates the reception and storage of ingested food, and in a way, it functions as a reservoir! Some lifestyle changes like stopping smoking and adopting a regular exercise regimen, can be helpful in preventing poor circulation in foot, and for getting relief from the symptoms of the condition. Apart from the increasing age, there are various other factors that play a key role in causing this problem. Fever, body ache, malaise are the primary symptoms. They may have heels, however, the heels are slight. Proper anatomy of the feet is very important for us to move around comfortably.

Chronic Ankle Instability

The outer ligaments, understood as the lateral ligaments, have 3 elements which stop the ankle from rolling and gliding ahead. Unfortunately the problem is typically misdiagnosed as a strain. A method known as the ‘Thompson’s examination’ (additionally known as the ‘calf bone squeeze test’) might be utilized. Nevertheless, it can also occur while standing as well as could be alonged with swelling, pain, tenderness and also discomfort.

If your foot form makes you susceptible to added stress on the ankle ligaments, a moulded insole may be encouraged for your shoe to reduce these anxieties.An ankle joint sprain stretches and splits these ligaments as well as if the sprain doesn’t heal properly, ankle instability could develop.

The “paving the way” takes place on the lateral, or external side as well as will certainly typically take place throughout sports and strolling. If the diagnosis is uncertain, an ultrasound or MRI check might be utilized.

These tendons are attached to the fibula (small bone beside the shin bone) and also the talus (the ankle bone) and calcaneus (heel bone).

This is called a stress view.

Bunions Hallux Valgus

High heeled, aimed toe shoes are not the main reason of the problem, however such shoes could accelerate the condition.In some situations, the first two toes will certainly cross over, making it difficult to stroll.

Nonetheless the drifting large toe can create pressure on the second toe, causing the second toe coming to be a hammer toe. As the swelling is prominent, this location is susceptible to rubbing from shoes, triggering swelling (soreness) and discomfort.

The medical term for this problem is hallux valgus.

It is essential to take an x-ray in order to establish the degree of the bunion and any type of connected arthritis.

Not all bunions are painful and some people can have big bunions without experiencing significant discomfort. Not all bunions are agonizing and some individuals could have big bunions without experiencing significant pain.

An Essential Breakdown Of Reasonable Foot Conditions Plans

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The Following Treatments May Be Taken Into Consideration: The Calcaneal Osteotomy Sometimes Called The ‘heel Change’, This Procedure Entails Relocating The Calcaneam, The Huge Bone At The Rear Of The Heel Which Is Out Of Placement, Properly Re- Positioning It Then Securing The Bone Using Screws.

Available from the NICE Website   Diabetic foot problems: prevention and management. If you feel no pain/sensation, you may have neuropathy and should see your doctor immediately. More on shoes. Since over-the-counter preparations rarely cure warts, see your doctor. The first year of life is important for foot development. Generally the second toe is affected because it’s the longest. The pads need to be placed behind the ball of the foot, behind the area of pain. In severe cases, more intensive treatments are needed.

Apartment Feet Pain

Phase one

There is swelling of the tendon however no obvious deformity. Surgery is sometimes needed if the problem is a lot more extreme. In some cases, there is over-pronation, when the foot rolls in excessive when strolling. Diagnosis is made throughout a physical examination and also confirmed by ultrasound or MRI.

An approximated one in 5 adults in the UK has some program of level feet and also for the majority, this causes no problems at all.

Problems associated with flat feet are identified right into various stages as well as these stages specify exactly what sort of therapy can be executed.

The primary factor for a flat foot developing later in life is a disorder of the tibialis posterior tendon which is important for foot placement. A ligament transfer

A tendon transfer is taken into consideration if the tibialis back tendon is significantly damaged. The following treatments may be taken into consideration:

The calcaneal osteotomy

Sometimes called the ‘heel change’, this procedure entails relocating the calcaneam, the huge bone at the rear of the heel which is out of placement, properly re- positioning it then securing the bone using screws.

Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is very common without a doubt as well as one of the major factors for seeing a foot professional.

The initial line of treatment for heel pain should constantly be calf stretching workouts. Surgical calf stretching

” If you imagine the lower leg like a rasher of bacon, the calf bone muscle mass has a rind. The therapy for plantar fasciitis Heel Pain Center has been set up to offer an extensive solution, providing the complete array of innovative treatment choices for individuals with long-term, intractable heel pain

At our dedicated center, you can generally have your analysis, x-rays, point of view and also very first treatment all throughout your very first see.

The ‘grumbling’ Achilles– non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy

A rupture of the Achilles is well understood, it is in fact much more common to have exactly what is known as a grumbling Achilles. The effect of the therapy is generally permanent and also there is no should return for more sessions at a later date.

At the Heel Pain Facility, we see many clients who are still in substantial pain regardless of trying conventional treatment. Shots for heel pain.

We make use of specialist ultrasound called a Doppler check which offers a quite thorough photo of blood flow in the affected location. Injections are embarked on with ultrasound support to make certain the shot gets to the target location.

see this

Questions For Consideration With Sensible Secrets In Foot Problems

The future of our company is heavily grounded in vaccine development, said Rick Sibbel, a veterinarian who runs the companys technical services for cattle, poultry and swine. Experts stress vaccines alone wont resolve antimicrobial resistance problems.Vaccines cant replace all antibiotics since they effectively treat some diseases but not all. For example, calves transported in groups can develop shipping-fever pneumonia that may require antibiotics. There is no similarly effective vaccine because the cause of the illness isnt clear, said David Wallinga, a physician with the National Resources Defense Council. That helps explain why chains like McDonalds Corp. and Perdue Farms Inc. vow to switch to antibiotic-free poultry but arent making similar commitments with their beef or pork. Cattle and pigs also have longer life spans than chickens and change owners more frequently, making antibiotics a more sure bet in eradicating such illnesses as pneumonia and mastitis, a common inflammatory disease. Animals are still going to get sick, said Gail Hansen, a veterinarian who has consulted for animal-health companies and public agencies.

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Locating The Proper Diagnosis And Also Thus Reason For The Metatarsalgia Is Essential To Having The Ability To Recommend The Proper Therapy.

Consumption of certain anti fungal medications may cause side effects such as diarrhoea, headaches, vomiting, pain, etc. Using a clean and dry towel, and changing the underwear daily is advised. The treatment would vary depending on its underlying cause. It’s only when foot problems occur that they suddenly come to our notice. Maintaining a balanced diet and addressing any vitamin deficiency, may also prove beneficial. Though there are various causes for babies to deal with problems related to diaper rash, one of the causes is yeast infection due to candid albicans. Colon/Rectal Surgeon – Deals with surgeries for correcting disorders in the colon, rectal and anal areas. Do not stop consuming these medications without asking your doctor. Mostly, such thickening affects the nerve that travels between the third and fourth toes. The arteries begin to narrow down, eventually resulting in blockage, thereby preventing blood flow to the affected area of the body.

Metatarsalgia Forefoot Discomfort

Arthritis (various different kinds could impact the foot).
A fractured tendon can be alleviated non-operatively with Plaster of Paris and afterwards “useful” bracing or with surgical treatment. Often pins and needles accompanies discomfort into the toes. Overuse (eg sporting activities).
Occasionally there is connected swelling in the foot although often there is none. Locating the proper diagnosis and also thus reason for the metatarsalgia is essential to having the ability to recommend the proper therapy. Non-operative therapy is connected with a much greater re-rupture price, but surgical procedure could be complicated by infection.

People normally report much more discomfort when taking weight via the afflicted foot but often additionally complain of discomfort when at remainder or in bed at night. There are many causes of metatarsalgia as well as your surgeon will make a cautious analysis to pick the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Issues with the bones.

Chronic Ankle joint Instability

It could additionally take place while standing and also may be accompanied by swelling, discomfort, inflammation as well as pain.

If the Achilles tendon is functional, the calf squeeze will certainly make the foot factor quickly away from the leg (a movement called ‘plantar flexion’).

If your foot form makes you susceptible to extra anxiety on the ankle ligaments, a moulded insole might be encouraged for your footwear to lower these stresses.If your foot shape makes you susceptible to additional anxiety on the ankle tendons, a moulded insole might be advised for your shoe to decrease these tensions.

This kind of repair is a really resilient treatment for ankle instability however regularly creates rigidity in the ankle joint.


Physiotherapy ought to be attempted as the very first therapy and works for several clients. These ligaments are affixed to the fibula (tiny bone following to the shin bone) and the talus (the ankle joint bone) and also calcaneus (heel bone).

These ligaments are connected to the fibula (small bone next to the shin bone) and the talus (the ankle bone) and also calcaneus (heel bone).

why not try this outThe doctor might take x-rays to examine whether there is any damage to the ankle bones.

Locating Advice On Painless Products For Foot Conditions

(Bryn Lennon/Pool Photo via AP) More RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Greg Van Avermaet of Belgium out-sprinted Jakob Fuglsang and Rafal Majka on the long run to the finish at Copacabana Beach on Saturday to win the men’s Olympic road race. Van Avermaet threw his arms in the air and let out a roar when he crossed the line, blowing a kiss to the sky after the biggest victory of his career. Fuglsang followed him to take silver and Majka appeared content with bronze. His victory came after Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali , one of the prerace favorites, and Colombian counterpart Sergio Henao crashed while trying to navigate a corner on the final harrowing descent of the 6-hour race. The riders were going so fast that TV cameras on motorbikes couldn’t keep up, so it was unclear what caused them to crash. Both were still on the pavement when the cameras reached them – just in time to see Majka slicing through the shadows and riding away. Known more for his climbing chops, Majka was eventually reeled in as the race neared the finish, where a sun-splashed crowd that had spent the day on the beach gathered to welcome them. It was unclear whether Nibali was seriously injured, though he will no doubt reflect painfully on his squandered chance. The hard nature of the course offered a rare opportunity for the Giro d’Italia winner and former Tour de France champion to compete for gold. The long course was tightly guarded by police, no small challenge in a host country that has been dealing with spikes in crime.

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